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The Evils that Men Do!

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The Evils that Men Do!

This is a piece of artwork that I did in a time of annoyance and frustration at the political climate at present. It just seems as if there is no end to the major conflicts going on in the Middle East – conflicts that should never have happened and are the symptom of some evil and completely unnecessary decisions made with such nonchalance by people in power. The illustration reflects this personal feeling. It was inspired by a song by the amazingly brilliant and artistic band, Gallows, a hardcore punk band from England

gallows inspired artwork

The deeply poignant and poetic lyric, “And if the horses won’t drink, drown them in the water” leaves me cold when I hear it. I’m not sure what their intent was when writing this, but to me, it is a perfect illustration of  the horribly cold and nonsensical decisions made that have caused such unnecessary pain and misery. It brings to mind the speeches of George Bush, made in defense of the Iraqi war, in which he  justified the bombing of Iraqi civilians as “freeing the Iraqi people from tyranny” (I’m sure the arsehole considered these words and actions to be perfectly logical?)

Although I’m not a particularly political person, I have pretty liberal views on most subjects (I’m what a lot of  people in the US would consider a “goddamn peace-nick pinko commy bastard” – but in truth, my socialist views are far from radical by British standards.) I find that living in the States often polarizes my views on violence, hatred , and nonacceptance of any other ideology accept the Judeo-christian one! There are lot’s of things that I love about the US and its people but I often find it to be a country full of these strange conflicts and contradictions. The artwork somewhat describes these moments of utter bewilderment when nothing anyone says to me makes any logical sense? I have been accused on a number of occasions of being a “godless Liberal” by a couple of  right wing “Jesus-lovin” Republican acquaintances of mine, but it’s THEIR prejudicial, gun lovin’, and warmongering views that are in utter conflict with their own religious teachings of “love”, “tolerance” , and “forgiveness.”

Anyway (I digress) the ink on paper artwork was my attempt at a more expressionistic style of illustration. Although it’s a very literal translation of the lyric, I wanted to try and express the idea in this “graphical expressionistic” manner.

The piece is a testament to how art inspires art (if you haven’t heard the Gallows before, you really should – they’re a hell of a band!)

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