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Content Jockey, Blogmeister, Info-Merchant! Granted, these are titles that I’ve given myself, but as you can see from the examples below, I am somewhat of an expert at creating copy, tutorials, blog posts and other sharable content!

The Zombie Logo Post

I created a zombie blog post for a link building campaign that went super-viral and was shared by hundreds of sites, published in BE magazine , and shared thousands of times. It appeared in Mashable, Laughing Squid, Adweek, Bleeding Cool, the Nerdist, Design Taxi and countless other websites.

(Click on link text above to see the original tutorials)

Online Photoshop Tutorials

I design and write many Photoshop tutorials and my work has graced the pages of major publication, Photoshop Creative. These are two (above) of my favorite easy-to-follow tutorials.

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I write and design infographics as fun, sharable content  or for corporate info-sharing.



Just some of the thousands of articles I’ve written to make people read, share, or chuckle.

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